In the Beginning

For a long time Éttie enjoyed travelling around the South of France but her lovely keepers were getting old and just didn’t travel that far any more. Éttie started to get restless and longed for a change, a new adventure and wanted to travel again.

In August Éttie got her wish. After many good years with her old keeper, she waved “adieu” and travelled from the South of France all the way to Calais and took a ferry to get to England. On arrival, Éttie met her new keeper, Vicky and explained to her, her plan for her new adventure.

Éttie, being 58 years old, wanted a change. She no longer wanted to be a camper van and wanted a pamper and to drive and see the beautiful Kent countryside.

“Hmm” Vicky pondered. “This could be fun, but what to do? “

“Well, first things first” thought Vicky. “Let’s start with the pamper phase by stripping out all of the old fittings.”

“Oh thank you,” said Éttie. “I’m feeling like a new van. But I feel like my engine needs some help. Do you think you can find someone who can help? “

Vicky, called and visited lots of mechanics and garages and they all kept saying “Oh no. We don’t work with old vans, only new shiny cars with posh computers”. Éttie was very sad.

… to be continued